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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do I need a termite inspection at my home?

Every 1 to 2 years depending on age and condition of the home. Ask us about our annual Termite Service Contract, which covers Drywood, Subterranean and Dampwood termites!

What is the difference between a limited and a full inspection?

In a full inspection, we inspect all the structure that we can access without damaging, defacing, or moving anything. Inaccessible parts of the structure are noted on the report. A limited inspection is generally one particular area where the homeowner has noted or suspects damage, and is useful only for identification and estimate purposes.

Our neighbors have termites. Will I get them in my house too?

Sooner or later almost every home in our area eventually gets attacked by termites. Subterranean, Drywood, and Dampwood termites all occur in the Orange County Area. Subterranean termites nest in the soil, and can be prevented by applying a termiticide to the soil around the foundation of the home. Drywood termites enter directly into wood and have no requirement for soil contact.

What Chemicals do you use?
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